Plan Name*** Speed Upto Limit Monthly Tariff**
Delta-2Mbps-UL 2Mbps Unlimited 449
Delta-10Mbps-UL 10Mbps Unlimited 599
Delta-25Mbps-UL 25Mbps Unlimited 799
Delta-50Mbps-UL 50Mbps Unlimited 999

Know our Terms and Conditions*

The price is exclusive of service tax. 14.50% service tax will be levied on the service.A 100% Refundable amount will be charged at the time of installation as security deposit for the modem or FTTH. This deposits is taken as a security, if the hardware is tampered or handled roughly, then this amount will be deducted and the service to the customer will be disconnected.


The customer should continue to use our service for minimum 6 months, to be eligible for full refund. If disconnected before 6 months, 50% of the security deposit will be refunded.This service is offered for residential customers only and will not be connected to a wireless router nor is it allowed for Internet sharing.


Connection offered only for single desktop/laptop.To avail this service, customers must provide a working email id/Address proof/Photo id and a photo. A confirmation mail has to be sent to us once the service is availed.The service is pre-paid. You will have to pay in advance to use the service.The modem which we install in the customer premises is the sole ownership of DELTA TEAM.


If a customer has to disconnect for temporary reason, they have to send an email at least 1 week in advance. In order to keep the account active and Rs 100 will be charged for keeping the account active. The temporary disconnection is only valid for 6months, if it crosses more than that, then customer has to start all over again by paying the deposit and as well as filling up the form.


Cable TV service


Please note, since this is a unique consortium of Cable operators, In each area you might not get the same service, the reason being each operator has availed the Cable TV service from different MSO, hence providing Cable TV from single source is not possible.


We are providing Cable TV as an ADD ON SERVICE along with the Internet, It is clearly under the discretion of the Cable operator in reference to Cable TV in your area.To avail Digital Cable TV, you need to buy Set Top box from your local operator, please call us for the pricings.